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Thursday, February 28, 2002

Madden To ABC

Great move by Madden, great move by ABC, bonehead move by Fox. John Madden was the shining beacon in the otherwise totally obnoxious world that is NFL on Fox, but you knew they were going in a different direction when they dumped Pat Summerall. ABC is getting rid of Dennis Miller, who never really fit in, and Dan Fouts, who didn't exactly light it up. It'll be a pleasure getting to hear Madden every single week on Monday night.

Junior Bro 9:32:00 PM


The Raiders signed Bill Romonowski. His aggressive, sometimes unsportsmanlike play fits into the Raiders' style, but Romo is no spring chicken. He's been in the league since '88, when he was drafted by the 49ers. It seems to be that character and age have been the Raiders' biggest weaknesses the past few years. Plus, I don't think it'll help their salary cap much.

Junior Bro 9:27:00 PM

Tuesday, February 19, 2002


For those Raider fans who thought Mooch was the one leaving for Tampa Bay I say ha! You didn't hear me? Let me repeat, HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!!! The Raiders will return to the mediocrity from whence they came. They were already an aging team, but now the unifying force that took a formerly disfunctional team and turned it around is gone.

Don't expect Gruden to quickly turn around Tampa, however. He'll have to work without high draft picks the next two years (shrewed move Al Davis), and the Bucs aren't exactly a team of spring chickens either. I can also think of certain coaches who have changed teams (Mike Holmgren, Jimmy Johnson, etc.) and failed miserably.

Long-term, all the draft picks can only help the Raiders.........unless they can't find the right head coach!!!


Junior Bro 6:18:00 PM

Raiders can make new run at mediocrity

Looks like Big Al Davis let another one get away. Gruden's gone to Tampa Bay just as the Raiders were starting to look like a force to be reckoned with. But how typical is that? Mike Shanahan did wonders for the Broncos after leaving the Raiders. Maybe we can expect to see the Bucs finally win the Big One. (Yeah, right!) Wonder how Gruden feels knowing he was the second choice after Steve Mariucci? At least Steve-o had enough sense to stick with the Niners, who will also have a shot at the Stupor Bowl next year.

Glenn 8-D 4:28:00 PM

Surfy Trophy presented

The Gehlke Bros. Web site has been updated for the final time for the 2001 season. Check out the wrap-up and our NawFuL tribute to the New England Patriots.

Glenn 8-D 4:16:00 PM

Sunday, February 03, 2002


Will next week's Pro Bowl be our last chance to see the Garcia to Owens combo? Terrell has said he would have been happy to have been placed on the expansion draft list. He's been whining and complaining for most of the season with no signs of stopping in the off-season. A trade may be the only answer, but the 49ers need to be careful. I have too many bad memories of the Charles Haley trade. When he was traded to the Cowboys, they immediately became Superbowl contenders, and Charles wreaked havok on the 49ers every time the two teams played.

There is a distinct difference from the athlete of yesterday and the athlete of today. Take Jerry Rice as an example. Rice could have his moments of outburst, but it wasn't constant, and you always new that he had the team's best interest at heart. With Owens, you get the feeling that all he thinks about is himself and his own statistics. I call it the Ricky Watters syndrome. The 49ers got tired of Watters' act and let him sign with Philadelphia. With both the Eagles and Seahawks, he has had to share time at halfback and has barely sniffed the playoffs. Do you get the feeling he realized that the grass isn't always greener on the other side?

Owens is arguably the best player on the 49ers, so they must be careful no matter what they do. If they have to trade him, they have to get good value and they have to send him somewhere where he won't come back and hurt them. They will also need to find one or two blue chip receivers to replace him. A deal with the new Texans franchise woudn't be a bad place to start. Perhaps they could pick up the first pick in the draft where they could get a new reciever.

One thing is for sure, doing nothing has its own risks. Owens may not have affected the chemistry of the team this year, but his antics are bound to degrade things in the near future. It's just to bad he doesn't have the maturity to see how good he really has it.

Junior Bro 9:22:00 PM


The Rams, with the most talented players in the NFL, lost to the Patriots, who perhaps have the best team players. Although Brady was the MVP, no individual on the Patriots really seemed to stand out, but they held the Rams to three points for most of the game, and got the ball down the field when it mattered most. I have said that the only team who could beat the Rams was the Rams, and the two interceptions and one fumble were key. The game would have been over had a fumble return for a touchdown not been called back due to a holding penalty. Maybe the Rams were thinking about that trophy instead of playing football.

Again, hats off to the Patriots... the team we loved to make fun of at the beginning of the year are making us look like patsies. I guess anything can happen in the NawFuL. Can a Bengals Superbowl victory be close at hand??? Let's hope not.

Junior Bro 9:04:00 PM


Did anybody else notice Kordell Stewart's great Neil O'Donnel impersonation toward the end of the AFC championship game?

Before we completely discount the Patriots as not being legitimate and doing it with smoke and mirrors, let us remember the Titans. Tennessee reached the big game after beating Buffalo with homerun throwback and fell only a yard short against the Rams in the Superbowl.

That being said, I expect a big slaughter with the Rams beating the two touchdown spread. Let's say 45-17.

Of course, the Rams are trying to blow this with their arrogance. Kurt Warner already talks about winning five, when he's still trying to win his second. If the Rams are already thinking about the trophy presentation and not about the game itself, it could be a lot closer.

Junior Bro 10:01:00 AM

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