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Wednesday, November 27, 2002


It seems quite appropriate that Detroit and Dallas are headlining the Thanksgiving day games again this year, as they are two of the leading candidates to face either Houston or Cincinnati in the Blooper Bowl.

Isn't it ironic that just about all of the Rams' losses have come with Kurt Warner at quarterback? Bench him! What has he done for us lately???

The 49ers throwback uniforms look good, but they should put them in a big pile, pour on the gasoline and burn them! If I am recalling correctly, the very last game they wore those uniforms was in 1994. Yes, it was a 40-8 loss at home against the Eagles. Whose bright idea was it to take those uniforms out of mothballs, anyway.

Releasing Cortez and Baker was long overdue, but where are the 49ers going to find a punter whose any better at this point in the season?

The 49ers defense was carved through like swiss cheese on Monday night, and continues a disturbing trend. The 49ers defense has been regressing throughout the entire season. Injuries are part of the problem, but Mike Rumph is clearly not working out this year as the third cornerback and ideally should be learning from a seat on the bench. As scary as it sounds, the 49ers will probably need to address the defense yet again in next year's draft.

The 49ers do not look like a second round playoff team unless something drastic happens. With the possible exception of the Raiders (who were in the middle of a losing streak), the 49ers have not beaten a team of consequence this season. They have lost to Denver, San Diego, New Orleans, and Philadelphia, all probable playoff teams. They also still have to play Green Bay and St. Louis at home. It may be too early to give up, but it's hard to be optimistic.

The 49ers offense has been better since J.J Stokes exited the starting lineup, but the 49ers still need a better compliment to Owens. I find myself wishing the 49ers could have kept Jerry Rice.

This season has been a story of streaky teams. The Rams lose 5, and then win 5. The Jets look terrible for weeks, now they're looking like barn-burners. Thank goodness for the Bengals, the models of consistency!

I should take a minute to gloat over my four game lead. Leads don't seem to last long this season, but if I can get a few more no split weeks, I should be on course for an unprecidented four-peat. LOOK OUT BEN, YOUR UNCLE IS GUNNING FOR YOU!

Junior Bro 9:34:00 PM

Monday, November 25, 2002

Tally at 7

Chalk up another unfortunate last-minute switch for the Senior Bro. I had Seattle picked all the way in Sunday's game — until it counted. Then I switched to Kansas City, which naturally let me down on the gridiron. That makes seven games this season that I've blown by changing my mind at the last minute. Is there something to be said for following your intuition (and sticking to it)?

All I can say is: I must write 1,000 times, "I will not change my picks at the last minute..."

Glenn 8-D 10:12:00 PM

NawFuL Niners

I'm sure Sean will have a more detailed perspective on that Monday night debacle — may I call it that? — but I just wanted to add that the Eagles really gave it to the Whiners in spades. Pretty good, considering that they got walloped in this meeting last year to the tune of 40-8 and were playing without Campbell's Crunch McNabb at quarterback. Guess if you're trying to win a Stupid Bowl these are the types of games you have to win.

Glenn 8-D 10:06:00 PM

I want a recount!

Hey, Sean, can we add up those points again on the Miami and Tampa Bay games? It was Florida, after all. Surely there must have been a few hanging chads that didn't get counted in San Diego and Green Bay's favor. Sheesh! Do I have to get the Supreme Court involved in this thing?

The Surfy hangs in the balance!

Glenn 8-D 10:02:00 PM

Sunday, November 17, 2002

The splits are back!

After going two straight weeks without, we rebounded this week with six split games. Just to prove we still can disagree on something in NawFuLdom. It's an ugly week for us prognosticators, with no byes to save us from bad teams.

Glenn 8-D 10:16:00 AM

Saturday, November 09, 2002


Being a 49ers fan, I thought I should take a brief moment to gloat at the Raiders demise. What happend to that vaunted Raiders offense that kept ringing up 40 points on a weekly basis? And the defense... they looked just like the 49ers defense of the last several weeks, surrendering third and long conversions nearly every time, each one seemingly longer than the last. At the end of the game the 49ers had maintained possession for 30 consecutive plays.

So what happend to the Raiders? Are they missing Gruden? Is age finally catching up to them? Are they being sucked in to their own Black Hole? Who knows? I just wished I had picked against them last Sunday, a mistake I don't intend to repeat.

Junior Bro 12:58:00 AM

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